Fire Alarm Inspections

In the case of a fire emergency, every second counts.

Having a fire alarm system installed is not enough. It’s critical to your company’s safety that your system operates at maximum efficiency and complies with all related local, state and national codes. Doing so not only increases your company’s safety, but it also reduces expenses often spent on emergency repairs and costly false alarms. So, the question you may be asking is “What does a fully-executed fire alarm inspection really include?”

Gettle’s certified fire and security experts share five steps that are followed during a fire alarm inspection:

  1. Test and calibrate alarm sensors. These sensors include flame and smoke detectors, and the proper calibration requires an understanding of the testing requirements, failure modes and re-installation procedures.
  2. Simulate inputs and test the annunciators. The expert performing this test should have specific knowledge of the system they are testing, specific to its settings and installation.
  3. Set the sensitivity. This also requires an understanding of the system, its application and the fire detection theory.
  4. Coordinate with the local fire department and test the input to their system. This requires contacting the fire department and ensuring all else with the system is functioning properly to test the system appropriately.
  5. Check the fire alarm system’s battery. Noting the expiration date and any corrosion is important. If necessary, the appropriate action should be taken to replace the battery.

While these five steps are critical, there are also many other precautions and inspections that Gettle’s team includes in their comprehensive approach to current system evaluations and upgrades to new system design and installations. During an evaluation, consideration must be given to system’s age, current state of efficiency, infiltration by contaminants, environmental damage or outdated electronics and maintenance.

Gettle’s fire/security team of industry-certified (ESA and NICET) experts employ the latest technology to offer real-time remote access and system diagnostics to ensure you can evaluate and monitor your system at any time. To learn more about Gettle’s comprehensive approach to ensuring fire alarm systems are operating properly, click here or contact us today to learn more.